Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shaved, Trimmed or Natural

Recently I've been doing research on the sexual wiring of our brains for a section for this blog and ran across this article in Psychology Today: Wiring Sexual Tastes to Hairless Genitals...Oops!
Published on January 2, 2012 by Marnia Robinson in Cupid's Poisoned Arrow.  It had some interesting comments, especially about the desire to have hairless genitals being a  juvenile trend that is removing an evolved barrier that once discouraged adult sex with children.  Read the article to get their full report...which I mostly disagree with.

I will put it plainly out there: I AM SHAVED.  And have been for over 20 yrs!  And the porn industry had nothing to do with my decision.

My reasons are many:
 1. I love the feel of skin against skin! I'm more sensitive to touch, a mouth, finger, lips...Mmmmm
 2. I feel cleaner and prettier.

For my partner:
1.  I do not like hair on my partner's cock, balls or ass. I don't mind if the hair above the cock is  
     trimmed nicely, but I enjoy playing, sucking, licking, and yes, rimming without fighting hair that
     gets stuck in my throat etc.. Yuck! 
2.  I love the feel of a man's balls in my mouth, but I'm not going there if it's covered in hair. 
3. Yes... I'll play with his ass...but it better be prepared for me in many ways. Shaved and cleaned
     inside and out.

These are my thoughts and desires and I don't expect everyone to have the same.  And I've seen some pics of women taken recently with trimmed hair with the caption 'Bringing the Bush Back.'  I say good for those that want it. I just personally don't.  I love the look of a man shaved, clean, hard and dripping with desire... a great trigger for me.

As for this article in saying it somehow removes the barrier between wanting sex with children...Please!  My little 4 yr old grandson runs around my house naked, his tiny hairless balls and cock scrunched up like a nickle and I have no desire for him!  Ewwww!!!

My desire is for a man! Period!

Preferably a minimum of  6" length and 5" girth.  A 7" length and 6" girth is perfect!  Swoon!  And I don't want any hair getting between me and my desire! Yes.. I am picky! :)  

                                                           Click picture for source!


  1. Actually, the study is accurate. 20 years ago was only the 1980s. The sexualization of children and the desire of the porn industry to "Lolita-ize" grown women started much earlier, in the early 70s, when models that looked like children became the standard for what men view as "sexy."

    And back in the 60s and early 70s, men who shaved their genitals were predominately gay. Heterosexual men did not do it.

    So, your preferences in the 21st century do not negate the actual history of Western sexual trends cited by this study.

    1. Thank you for your comment MsNaydi. I agree with what you say here. There are sexual trends that effect the public. My preferences have nothing to do with the porn industry but what I individually like. Just another viewpoint. :)


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