Monday, May 7, 2012

But I like to look at a penis!

Today I ran across an article titled: Why Penis Pictures Aren't Pretty and I know this has been discussed by many women and men.  Well I'm here to throw in my 'two cents'!  I will first state that I do not welcome unsolicited 'penis' pics from men I've never met! But I will admit to enjoying many 'penis' pics posted on tumbler sites that I thought were amazingly done! And I happen to think the man in my life is wonderfully equipped! There are many pics on my Fetlife profile to attest to that!

I do understand what most of the complaints are about. Men randomly sending pics of their penis to a woman to hopefully impress her. I agree that is poor taste and shows a lack of discernment toward the woman and her desires. BUT...Overall.. I love a great cock shot.  Especially if presented in an artistic way. I am a woman very attracted to the male form and a man's penis is a wonderfully delightful play toy at the right time! ( I have been known to tie up my submissives's balls in paracord and recently we had great fun with what is called 'The Helicopter'! )

A man's penis is also an erotic ever changing body part that brings me great and ever increasing satisfaction!

Are they pretty?  I'd say that beauty is definitely, in this case, in the eye of the beholder.  But I do think most are beautiful!

My Submissive - Lovely!

How I met my submissive man was on a BDSM site and one of his videos was highlighted on the home page. Now there are some pretty sad videos on the web and there should be a class on how to tastefully shoot a video of a man masturbating. ( I admit to being a bit of a voyeur on this subject! ) I clicked on his video and was impressed by his movements, style and almost poetic way he presented himself.  After watching multiple times I finally email him my approval of his work...and we are together! Since then I love the random cock shots he'll send through the week! :)

Below is a pic I have always loved.  To me it celebrates the beauty of the male physique. Mmmmmm... Gets my heart racing... Now where is that man of mine!!! LOL

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