Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exposed and Chained to My Desires

Oh!  Did I forget to mention, my lovely slave, that not only do I enjoy ropes and seeing them wrapped ever so snugly around your strong physique.... but I also have this overwhelming need to see that body that you have so innocently surrendered to me in...yes...chains.  Chains that will test your strength. Chains that will be a symbol that you belong to  How else are you to show me your inner strength as well as your devoted unquestioning trust. You do want to please me?

I love how you kneel so still before me. Smelling and hearing the clanking of the chains as I wrap them around you.  You take in my scent, longing to taste and touch but your movements are limited. You know this is only the beginning of a long night. I'll take my time. :)  I'll enjoy keeping your cock erect, strong and dripping for me. Smoothing my hands along your body as I stand you to your feet and take your limbs and shackle you to the wall.  Spread eagle for me to admire my prize.

Exposed.  Just as I know you want to be. Known...intimately...deeply you have longed for all your life.  To the world you are the Alpha Male.... to me... you are exposed through the softening of your eyes as they plead to be known and accepted. It is only when I take you and chain you that in your helpless state you are truly free.

Yes... It will be a long night.  We still have many barriers to bring down. But with each passing hour your bondage will release more sweet freedom.

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